She is a talented young writer of Urdu novels. Nimra Ahmed has a natural talent for writing. She has an excellent command of language and sentences. She produced some blockbuster stories like Namal and Beli Rajputan Ki Malika.

Nimra Ahmed has a unique style of writing. Sometimes, she used the Islamic terms and teachings very well. She highlighted the problems and issues of our community very well. Nimra Ahmed described the reasons of discontentment’s and irritation of the people in his novels.

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The book Mushaf Novel Complete is a social, romantic story. The Mushaff is an Arabic word which has the meanings of close to Quran. The plot of the story rounds around a girl named Mehmal Ibraheem. She was a modern looking and not believed in Islamic Hijab. She has the views about the Quran that it is a book which contains the stories of old times. Mehmal met with a girl who inspired by Mushaf. She stood at a bus stop along with Mushaf. In a short conversation, Mehmal took the book from her. She brought it to her home but sat it on the shelf without much reading.

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“Book” Being a Muslim when we see the word Book the Holy Quran comes in mind which we consider on top of all books in the world which is completed from all aspects and occupied completely on our lives. Allah says here is sign in Quran for those who thought. Some peoples are under the special bless of Allah Almighty Nimra Ahmad is one of those who is writer of Mashaf, Allah give her deep thought about the holly Quran She takes the deep points from Quran that wonders me all time and are totally related my own life. In the Mashaf she relates the main character’s life with Quran, which was very inspiring for me and I have been more near to Holly Quran. It is my suggestion to all of you must read this inspiring book you will see how Allah lead us to live successful life.



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