kuch khaas Scholarship for pakistani students
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Kuch Khaas will be awarding a tuition grant of up to Rs500,000/- to a selected number of students looking to pursue a Bachelors’ Degree in the following fields; Graphic Design, Film & Television, Animation, Game Design, Musicology, Cultural Studies, Visual Communication, & Media Studies.

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Proudly announcing the Kuch Khaas Scholarship!

Are you creative? Do you want to study? Finding it difficult? You’ll get by with a little help from your friends…at KUCH KHAAS!

Apply now!https://t.co/h8ksmmW5ni pic.twitter.com/OoIIcAjNj4

— Kuch Khaas (@kuchkhaas) July 29, 2019

They aim to build an inclusive, diverse, tolerant and positive space for everyone.

The tuition grant will be up to Rs500,000/- available to a selected number of students looking to pursue a Bachelors’ Degree in the above mentioned fields.

How To Apply

To apply, download the Application Form and Accompanying Documents Checklist below, and send in your completed Application form with all necessary documents to the following address:

House 1, Street 2,

F-6/3, Islamabad


Application Deadline:

Deadline for submission of application is by 5:00 PM on 30th August 2019

(Students who are awaiting results or are in the process of University applications may apply. However, the scholarship will only be awarded after confirmation of admission) To find out more about this scholarship for Pakistani students, visit the official website of Kuch Khaas: https://www.kuchkhaas.org/grants/

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