How you can Sell on Amazon From pakistan

Most Of People search on internet “How to sell on amazon from pakistan” but on the internet OR on the single website not Setisfy about this question OR Topic. so i decide to share a Information with our countary persons who’s want to known about get seller account of amazon from paksitan and Earn Handsom income.

you cannot Sell on Amazon Directly from pakistan because in pakistan paypal is not available and also most of reasons requirement of amazon account is phone verification and residency.

but you don’t hopeless, you can only in-directly sell from Pakistan at Amazon, so plenty of ways to achieve this. see Below four method to sell on Amazon from Pakistan.

1) Setting up a legal entity in Estonia and apply for Estonia E-resident ID and that ID can help you get Paypal. Then setup Corporation and that corporation will help you get Amazon account. Use it for Amazon US or UK or anywhere you like. Just remember Estonia law require you to collect 20% VAT once you cross threashold.

2) Another method is partnership with someone who can register for Amazon individual account and there are pros and cons of this method. You will find all potential partners in Amazon FBA Pakistan group on fb. Here is the link AMAZON FBA PAKISTAN If you understand the concept of Office Manager/Company secretary, then you can setup US LLC with any accountant and ask your friend to act as an office manager and let him/her walk into any bank and get your bank account up. Once your LLC + Bank is setup, you can also apply for your ITIN number which is an alternative of US SSN for foreign aliens. With this you are able to setup your paypal + Amazon as well. You can do same using Malaysian Sdn Bhd or Sri Lankan LLC or Singapore PTE or UK LTD as well. However I prefer LLC for many reasons considering future growth and ability to source US brands to resell on Amazon after obtaining your resale certificate for the state and ability to easily apply E1 visa in future. So that is the reason I prefer LLC.

3) You need a US account for this which i easily available and even you can get US phone number for verification purpose.These methods are easily available on internet and can start selling the stuff once you searched the item with low competition and high demand.

4) Ghost accounts are illegal but people do that also. But I won’t recommend anyone going for it. Basically the way it works is by obtaining any CC or Debit card in any of the allowed country. That’s all. Master/visa does not verify name when approving a transaction. So it is basically a loophole of master/visa allowing you to be able to create the account. But don’t waste your time in this method as this may not be viable for next 100 years. Could last few years only. The reason I explain this because a lot of people wonder how so many people still able to sell from these restricted countries.


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