Credit card Reward Points

How to Use HBL, ABL and MCB Credit Card Points – Using Rewards For Travel Look into travel rewards. Check if the rewards can also be used on hotels. Look for restrictions on travel. See how you can earn miles. Compare the cost of the trip with the cash equivalent. Plan ahead.

Credit card rewards points have become a central component of many Americans’ financial planning. With so many companies in competition with one another, you have a lot to choose from. Knowing how you will use a card as well as its rewards up front is a part of a balanced budget. Make sure you sign up for a card after weighing all its fees and perks with a detailed cost-benefit analysis. You may be able to use your points for expenditures you make every week, or even tuck away some money in savings


HBL CreditCard offers the most exciting rewards program, with no expiry on points. As an HBL Credit Cardholder you are automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program.

Be rewarded every time you use your HBL CreditCard. Every 25 Rupees charged to your card gives you 1 point which you can use to redeem against a variety of offers such as, dining and shopping vouchers, annual fee waivers. Its a rewards program that lets you decide what you want.

In addition, as a HBL Platinum Credit Cardholder, you can also earn 3x the reward points on foreign currency spend.

*Not applicable on HBL FuelSaver CreditCard and HBL Qatar Airways CreditCard

ABL Credit Cards Points:


A decade ago, it wasn’t all that unusual to be out for dinner or at the cash counter at a grocery store and suddenly realize that you don’t have enough cash to cover the bill.

Today, we can conveniently pull out a debit or credit card and settle the bill electronically there and then. It is difficult now to imagine a time when the card-based payment option were not available.

Debit cards are issued with a bank account so the money spent or withdrawn, is automatically deducted from the account. It is a convenient alternate to cash, especially when it is directly used for shopping at merchant locations on their POS (Point of Sale) machines.

With Credit Card, you can spend more than you have, or leveraging the credit balance, you can reschedule your payments as per your convenience and typically get better rewards and better insurance protection. Credit cards allow spending while paying the money back later.

Our customers using debit and credit cards enjoy the convenience that these cards bring in, for improved financial management.

MCB pakistan credit card points redemption:

MCB Visa Credit Card, get rewarded with points for every transaction (1 point for PKR 50) Redeem Points You can redeem your reward points for any product of your choice from the I Shop catalogue.

All MCB Visa Platinum Credit Cards come activated with the i-secure feature. It offers you added convenience and absolute safety and security so that the next time you shop, it is without the fear of Credit Card scam or misuse. An embedded chip makes MCB Visa Platinum Credit Card technologically advanced and efficient, plus gives the capability of storing large amounts of intelligent encrypted data.

You are protected against fraudulent transactions on your Card, making it a highly secure and an effective mode of payment. Your Card uses cutting edge encryption methods to operate, thus preventing all forms of physical fraud related to your Card such as skimming and counterfeiting.

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