Eithadgroupofcompanies jobs scam

If you have Received Job Proposal from Etihad Group of Companies (email: [email protected]) than stop your Efforts for Applying this job because it’s totally fake, scam jobs.

This type of jobs Proposal received in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other countries when person apply for this job than step by step company guide and end of the company ask you Congratulation! you are selected for this job than ask you for Medical Test from
Rahila Lab Rs.14,000/- without Coupon and with use of coupon Rs.9,000/- after that you upload Rahila lab slip than you don’t reply from Company.

Etihadgroupofcompanies is Totally fake and scam, it’s not Real Company. i’m also Confirm through call on this company Number than Number is not valid and Not registered. My Source Confirm this is totally fake jobs and scam jobs announce.

also i’m check through Domain Registration Date, this domain is registered in 2018, Means this is Company launched recently for scam jobs announces.

Also real website of Eithad is Eithad Airways not Eithad Group of Companies.

Domain information of Eithad group of companies

as mentioned by my colleagues at Etihad Airways before, Etihad Group of Companies is not affiliated with Etihad Airways. Please do not interact with them, or send them any personal documents or money. 
If you wish to apply for a job at Etihad Airways, you will have to do so through our website here: https://careers.etihad.com/. 
Etihad Airways will not charge any money in advance for any application or medical exams.

this company is the (censored) fake so why rahila lab done agreement with them? it means that this site is created by Rahila lab and they doing fraud with innocent peoples and making money illegal from them in term of medical test.

I Request to all Of you please don’t Waist your Time and Money for this scam also i Humbly Request to Pakistani Government (FIA) please Investigate of this scam and Punished.

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