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It looks as if Reham Khan’s ebook, or as a minimum a few excerpts of it, can also were leaked. It certain is the claim of Hamza Ali Abbasi who claims to have examine the whole 600-plus-pages book.

According to Hamza, the book has direct libelous accusations against PTI Chief Imran Khan and because of this reason numerous famous publishers refused to post the e-book. “Many reputed publishers asked Reham Khan for evidence regarding her libelous accusations but she couldn’t provide any and this is why they refused to put up the ebook”, Hamza said.

“This is the reason she [Reham Khan] goes to self submit the e-book”, he in addition defined.

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Hamza claims that the primary 250 pages of the e-book are about Reham Khan’s first husband, Dr. Ijaz Rehman, who she has portrayed as a few psychotic character. “The subsequent 300-plus pages of the e book revolve round Imran Khan and how he’s the worst of man or women within the global”, stated Hamza.

In the book, Reham has portrayed Imran Khan as a person who abhors Islam and an insecure character. She has also critically lambasted Jemima Goldsmith, the primary wife of Imran Khan, as well has his sons. “She has berated Sulaiman [Imran’s elder son]”, stated Hamza.

PTI social media activists have claimed PMLN is getting ready to do mass move of Reham Khan’s e book in PDF.

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