About Us

We know that you are thinking the name of our domain name what is ilamdeen?  Ilam means in Arabic dictionary is knowledge and complete Ilamdeen you can say knowledge of religion. Religion is everything for a human if he understands. But we will not specify our site for a specific religion. We think every good religion is full of gosh information thus our site will be full of gosh knowledge. Now you can understand aim of chosen this name.

Our Mission

As we know that internet is largest world of knowledge where you can get almost everything about anything it contains every type of acquaintance. The knowledge cannot be categories with good or bad, but it depends on our own interest some peoples want knowledge for their own betterment and others,  but if you really want good & peace full information for benefits of humanity then it should be crystal knowledge.

This is our main idea to make this precious site for betterment of those who are interesting.

Our products

                It is just formality to know you our products our main product is good & guidable information

We know that everyone is use internet for their scale of needs, students search regarding their studies date sheet etc. A business man wants to update about business ups and downs from internet, some use social sites for entertainment, news lover searches latest news. And one of them my favorite peoples who hunt for new and good books, articles and novels. Now days it not easy to get your desire good information internet world is also full of negative views and content we launch ilamdeen.com in their alongside.

Founder & partners of illmdeen.com

I am writing about founders of illmdeen.com in last because I think our mission should be on the top.

  • Gulfam Mughal:-

Gulfam Mughal is founder of illemdin.com he is book lover person he get this idea to make this site when he face steeplechases during finding beneficial stuff. He made a decision for benefits of others.

  • M.Bilal:-

Muhammad Bilal writing about all Current affairs, I feel happy for being part of this. Writing is my favorite hobby not only writing I feel myself lucky when I will work for this site indirectly for books lovers.

  • Asif Naeem:-

Asif Naeem is a great Personality in this mission he is writing column on politics and observed very deeply every Parts of society. He is share with us great knowledge and personal experience.

If you want to participate in our mission OR share your Opinion with Public than don’t hesitate to contact us at our contact page.